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Physical symptoms of cocaine addiction

If you know anybody, who is addicted to , that person will surely show you a number of symptoms. But there are a number of physical symptoms of .

If you already know the mental symptoms of the addiction, which include a lot of agitation, enthusiasm, not respecting others, etc., you should also know the physical changes, which will be observed in persons, who are highly addicted to cocaine. The physical and the mental changes are clearly visible simultaneously for persons, who are addicted.

Nose bleeding with cold and flu

If you find any of the physical troubles, it is always advisable that you go for any kind of help, in order to help the person. Those who are addicted to cocaine will always show a number of symptoms, which is similar to cold and flu, and in most of the cases they will also show bleeding from the nose. It is one of the most common symptoms of cocaine addiction.

Involuntary muscle movement

You can also find them showing the rapid movement in their muscles from time to time, and the movement is involuntary. If you find such kind of problems, you should definitely find cocaine addiction help, as it always refers to absolute addiction to cocaine. You can also get assistance from a .


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