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Treatment of alcohol addiction and its types

is very harmful to our body when we take it excessively due to which we get addicted to it, and we spoil our life due to unstable condition of our mind.

Research on addiction treatment have classified programs into several types, Treatment starts generally with detoxification and medically managed withdrawal it is often considered as the first stage of treatment.


Detoxification is a process commonly used in alcohol treatment programs; it is basically a process in which the body clears drugs or alcohol of from itself. It is designed to manage the small and disastrous physiological effects of stopping alcohol use. But it is not that effective for the psychological and physiological changes in person’s life, therefore it does not last for changes of recovery.

Types of treatment programs

There are many types of alcohol treatment programs nowadays like long-term residential treatment; it provides care for 24 hours a day. The best residential treatment program is the therapeutic community (TC), with planned lengths of course of between 6 and 12 months. The short-term residential program, it provides intensive but detailed treatment. Outpatient treatment programs, it varies in type and intensity. Individualized drug counselling, it also shows related impairing areas. Group counselling, it helps peer discussion and it also helps to promote drug-free lifestyle etc.


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